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2008 Ethics Bowl Team
The 2008 USI Ethics Bowl Team

Cheyenne Riker, Diann Garrett, Professor Mary Lyn Stoll, Justin Dumond, and Kris Izzi

The Ethics Bowl is a nation wide event.

Every year the Philosophy Department coordinates the selection and training of an Ethics Bowl Team that competes in a statewide competition at Marian College in Indianapolis. 

Students prepare 15 cases in applied ethics and must answer questions about the morality of each case.  Only 6 of the cases will be used in the regional ethics bowl, but students do not know which six.

In each round, the team who wins the initial coin toss decides which position to argue on the first case and the opposing team then must critique their argument.  After that, the arguing team must rebutt the objections and both sides must field questions from the judges.  Judges rate performance based upon clarity, depth, focus, and logic. 

USI competed in the Central States Ethics Bowl against students from across the midwest including DePauw, Marian College, Wright State University, Northern Kentucky University, IUPUI, Valparaiso University, Butler University, and others. 

The winners of the regional ethics bowl may then go on to compete at the national ethics bowl.  For 2008, USI had only one returning team member from last year, Diann Garrett, the team captain.  Despite that, USI was able to place 9th, our second highest score in the last half decade of competition.