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PA 502 Gender, Communication & Culture (3) This course combines cognitive and experiential approaches to gender and culture as they relate to interpersonal communication, group and organizational communication public communication and mass media. Students will analyze gender conflict and identity, as well as develop a critical perspective of gender presentations in culture.

PA 527 Urban Politics and Governance (3) A study and analysis of the major issues, problems, and political processes of urban America, along with topics on urban governance, such as government organization and rescaling. Prereq: Admission in the MPA program or consent of the instructor.

PA 564 Environmental Politics and Policy (3) An overview of environmental politics and policies as related to international, national, state, and local issues. Primary focus on how environmental politics are created, implemented and enforced. topics include air and water pollution, sustainable development and land use issues, and other contemporary environmental problems.

PA 601 Organizational Behavior (3)  A study of individual, groups, and organizational factors influencing the operation of government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

PA 603 Technology Issues and e-Governance (3) An examination of the policy, security, organizational, and legal issues related to the information and communication technologies used in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Topics include e-Governance and e-Democracy, legal issues associated with the use of technology in the public sector, equity issues associated wit the digital divide, and the problems associated with interoperability and crisis management communications. Prereq: Admission to the MPA program or consent of instructor.

PA 605 Foundations of Nonprofit Administration (3) An introductory examination of the theories and strategies used to manage organizations in the nonprofit sector. Topics include governing and leading nonprofit organizations, strategic planning, capacity building, marketing, developing financial resources, and financial management. Prereq: Admission to the MPA program or consent of instructor.

PA 606 Public Personnel Administration (3) The purpose of this course is to examine public personnel issues. Specifically, issues related to personnel/human resource management, employee motivation, evaluation, promotion/demotion, training, benefits, wages and salaries, as well as disciplinary policies and various legal aspects relating to public sector employment.

PA 609 Budgeting (3)  An examination of the budget process in government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

PA 611 Leadership Skills in Public Administration (3) An examination of leadership skills relevant to the management of government agencies and non-profit organizations.

PA 612 Connect with Southern Indiana (3) The purpose of the Connect with Southern Indiana (CSI) program is to nurture citizenship and critical thinking skills among its participants. Program participants attend nine half- to full-day seminars that focus on community overviews, critical thinking skills, program management, project planning, and other leadership skills associated with public sector management. Students are admitted to the CSI program through a competitive selection process.

PA 614 Interpersonal Communications within Organizations (3) This course provides a review of the research and applied approaches to organizational communications. This course includes an examination of the process of selecting appropriate communication channels, a consideration of the ways in which meaning, both verbal and nonverbal, is conveyed, and an exploration of ways in which communication can help alleviate typical interpersonal problems within organizations.

PA 615 Legal Aspects of Public Administration (3) The purpose of this course is to examine legal issues relating to Public Administration. Many legal topics will be addressed in depth, such as public sector affirmative action, implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, whistle-blowing protections, public employee privacy and free speech in the workplace. More generally, this course will look at legal aspects and legal challenges to agency, regulations, policy implementation, and laws pertaining to the public sector.

PA 618 Research Methods in Public Administration (3) An examination of social science research methodologies relevant to the management of government agencies and non-profit organizations.

PA 631 Fundraising and Volunteer Administration (3)   Analysis of fundraising strategies and the management of volunteers in government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

PA 632 Public Administration (3)  Analysis of administrative procedures and policy issues in government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

PA 644 Policies and Processes in the Public Sector (3) An overview of policies and processes in the public sector, with an emphasis on the analytical and policy process fields of policy analysis. Includes an overview of decision making strategies, policy creation, and program evaluation.

PA 653 Ethics in Public Administration (3)  Examination of the ethical problems and conflicts encountered by government officials, nonprofit administrators, and other public administrators. Students in this course will contemplate a variety of topics including values and ethics, situational ethics, and individual and organizational ethics.

PA 684 Grantwriting for Nonprofit Organizations (3) Intensive grant writing seminar with a focus on strategies for developing mission and vision statements, program descriptions, evaluation rubrics, and budgets for grant proposals. Prereq: Admission to the MPA program or consent of instructor.

PA 690 Special Topics in Public Administration (3) A course that deals with a special topic in the field of public administration. Permission of the instructor.

PA 695 Internship in Public Agency (3) This course provides an internship experience in the public or not-for-profit sector through a minimum of 150 hours of supervised, professional work. Prereq: Successful completion of 12 hours in the MPA program OR permission of instructor.

Internship Goals:

  1. The student will improve his or her knowledge of the internal dynamics of the public or nonprofit agency including the laws, rules, norms, and traditions that shape the internal structure, efficiency, and innovativeness of the organization.

  2. The student will achieve praxis. That is, the student will synthesize academic theories of public administration with his or her newly developed understanding of the professional practices that occur in a real world setting.

  3. The student will develop a mentoring relationship with a practitioner in the field and will have started developing a nascent networking relationship with other area professionals.

PA 697 Capstone Seminar (3)

PA 698 Independent Study in Public Administration (3) Independent research on an issue or topic in the field of public administration.   Prerequisite: Completion of the core curriculum; consent of the instructor.

PA 699 Thesis in Public Administration (6) This course is designed to allow students an opportunity to conduct original academic research and grasp important theoretical and methodological principles in the field of public administration. Students must successfully complete a written paper and defend the thesis project in an oral defense in order to receive credit.  Completion of the core curriculum; Consent of the instructor.