1 - Letters of Recommendation

Provide materials, including resume about 1 ½ months in advance

1. Discuss it face to face.

2. Provide non-official transcript with courses taken from this professor highlights.  Add sheet with other academic interactions (e.g., internships, independent study, research, club activities, etc.)

3. Provide a current resume

4. Provide a copy of your personal statement that you’ve written for graduate schools.

5. Provide all forms from the schools with typed, addressed and stamped #10 business sized envelopes.  Fill in your name on the form and sign the waiver statement (yes or no).

6. Provide a table with the name of each school and the deadline date for the letter.

7. Get all materials to your letter writer well in advance (4-6 weeks) – be careful of school breaks when we might not be here!

8. Whether or not you are accepted, we are interested in what you are doing.  Drop one of us a postcard or email and we’ll share.  Tell us your plans and new address.  While in grad school you make a nice contact for other students.

Taken from Morgan and Korschgen, 1998, p. 112