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Dr. Amie McKibban

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Amie McKibban

Phone:  465-1222

Office:   LA3041

Email:   armckibban

Assistant Professor of Psychology        

Dr. Amie McKibban joined the University of Southern Indiana faculty in 2009 after completing her Ph.D. in community psychology at Wichita State University. With an arsenal of experiences under her belt, she came here with a passion that has fueled her teaching, research and activism - a passion that has come to define her career at USI.

With 13 years of experience teaching university courses, Dr. McKibban continues to show passion in her classroom and engage students in topics that matter. Her dedication to, and passion for, teaching won her the Rotary Award in Education in 2000 at Emporia State University, the award for Best General Psychology Instructor at Texas Tech University, and the H. Lee Cooper Teaching Award in 2011 here at the University of Southern Indiana. Dr. McKibban has also excelled in her academic advising, winning the Outstanding Academic Advisor award in 2014. She primarily teaches Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Community Psychology, and Human Sexuality.

Not only has Dr. McKibban left an impact in the classroom over the years, she has substantially contributed to her field through research. As of 2014, she has presented at 28 state, regional and national conferences on topics ranging from attitudes toward individuals in the gay and lesbian community, communication, happiness, program development, community redevelopment, academic dishonesty and perfectionism. She has published in journals such as Sexuality and Culture, Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Ethics and Behavior, Journal of Academic Ethics, The Encyclopedia of the Quality of Life Research, and Psychological Science. Currently Dr. McKibban’s efforts in scholarship are focused on a community-wide assessment of areas of LGBT inclusivity, which will ultimately result in a usable community asset map for individuals and companies in the Tri-State area. With backing from two different grants and sponsors such as the Vanderburgh Community Foundation, Lampion Center and Youth First (to name a few), the project has already been recognized by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, resulting in the Best Paper Award at the Midwest Ecological Community Psychology Conference in November 2013.

Many students on campus know Dr. McKibban as their psychology professor, and faculty know her through the many committees she serves on for the university; however, she is known by many across the community as someone who uses her passion to fuel activism and social change locally, particularly with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. Using a well-known program in a way that mobilizes allies and allows for solutions at each level she, with Dr. Stephanie Young, co-founded and now directs a community- and campus-wide Safe Zone Initiative. With the vision of “Fostering a socially just community through support, activism, and visibility” this program has trained over 300 allies across USI, the University of Evansville and the community at large.

Dr. McKibban can often be found saying, “you can’t empower people, but you can create opportunities for people to empower themselves.” From her work with the safe zone initiative, to assisting with Day of Silence activities on campus that were attended by over 600 students across three years, to recently encouraging over 100 faculty, staff, students and community members to take a visible stand against a constitutional amendment (to name a few activities out of many), she not only serves as a visible ally, but lives up to the idea of creating opportunities for others to empower themselves. As a testament to this passion and dedication, Dr. McKibban has received the Willie Effie Thomas Leadership Award and the Phenomenal Women of USI award. Most recently, the Tri-State Area Safe Zone initiative was recognized by the Human Relations Commission and Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke with the Willie Effie Thomas Organizational award.