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What’s important? What do graduate programs look for?

(from Couch & Benedict, 1983; Purdy, Reinehr & Swartz, 1989; Ford, 1994; Sengelaub, 1998)

Top Five Concerns –

1 - Letters of Recommendation A - Maintain continuous contact with your advisor
B - Scout, sound out potential LOR writers
C - Ask in advance
D - Provide materials, including resume about 1 ½ months in advance
2 - GRE - Verbal Avg scores: Ph.D. about 600;
MS 530/540  (Average combined most looking for 1200 - remains to be seen on new scale. 
3 - GPA - Final 2 years  
4 - GRE - Quantitative  Avg scores: Ph.D. about 600;
MS 530/540
5 - GPA - Overall  Research experience – Research Methods, Individual Study

Other: specific coursework, esp. Stats and RM (+ courses specific to your chosen field)

GRE Information General Test (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing)

Prometric Testing Center
(same building as Sylvan)
Hebron Office Plaza
923 S. Kenmore Dr.
Evansville, IN 47714
(812) 479-6855

Call the 800 number for scheduling

Note: You may do the essay portion on paper – if you do, your results will be mailed in 4-6 weeks. If you do it on the computer, your results will be mailed in 12 days.

Offered Mon – Fri at 8AM - 4:30PM, Saturdays 8AM - 12PM only

cost: $160
Know results before you leave
Takes about 4 hours! 

Before you arrive, select four programs you will be applying to: your scores will be forwarded to those programs as part of your $160 fee. Costs $23 each to send your universities beyond this.

Scores now range from 130-170 for Verbal and Quantitative; 0-6 for writing; percentile;  You can take the test once every 60 days; maximum 5 times/yr.  Scores are good for 5 years - schools receive all scores within the past five years.   NO LONGER SENDS ALL SCORES AUTOMATICALLY!  Score select option.

Registration for the GRE subject test:
NOTE: You can register online for the general test, however, you can only register for an 8AM slot.

The subject test is given three times each year – see dates below.

Click on "Test Takers"
You’ll need a credit card.
This page includes test dates
NOTE: Registration deadlines substantially precede test dates:

Subject Area (Psychology) – GRE

Info on test:

Download free practice book:  –please do not print in lab – it is 59 pages long!  Includes a full test and tips.

"Do I need to take the GRE Subject?"

To Which Programs Should You Apply?

Purchase a copy of the most recent version of Graduate Study in Psychology $28.95
it can be a bit cheaper online – do your own search - $17.55 from some sites.

Or purchase on-line from APA:   It is cheaper for APA members 2013 affiliate price is $23.95 -  The library has older copies you can look through.

Decide what area of Psychology you want to specialize in - clinical, cognitive, industrial, etc. as not all schools offer all of the programs that may interest you.

"Spread your bets" -- consider these in determining where to apply.

After thoroughly reviewing Graduate Study in Psychology, write to your selected programs for the most current info., including application forms and financial information.

Keep in touch with your advisor throughout the process!