Family and friends

(I actually have more friends than this.  The tribute to my aunt made me want to get started on this page!)

A new one -- author of Jinxed*- Dale Luckwitz - need a gift?  Want an autographed copy of the book??  There are a limited number available from the author. Check out his website - my brother created it.  The book is targeted at young adults - the ones I've spoken to loved it, and I had a lot of fun reading it as well!  Go through the pages to read a Q & A with the author as well as info on how to order the book directly from him.  Even better - the BEST BLOG EVER -- see the author's thoughts on all kinds of things...

Who is Dawn Wells?  Tsk, tsk.  I met her this summer what a great lady!!  I told her what to do on that Habitat house that I helped build.  Stop by my office and I'll show you my autographed picture!

Pixar animation studios - My cousin works here.  He created the tribute to my aunt.

Grad School Faculty and Friends
John Marazita, Ph.D. - fellow graduate student and mentor, he is currently at Ohio Dominican College. (

Bill Merriman, Ph.D. - my advisor in graduate school.

Michael McBeath's S&P lab

Andy Hallett - he is too cool!

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