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You know your faculty all have pet peeves...  students who don't read the material/don't attend class, then complain about their grade.  Or even who attend class, but clearly aren't paying attention. 

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 
I was reading an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education called "Sssshhh, We're Taking Notes Here, Colleges Looking for New Ways to Discourage Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom"
--as I read this, I remembered how irritating my classmates behavior could be. So, I sent the following to some of my students asking them if they had any they would like to share? Below is what the Chronicle article had suggested, followed by my students replies to this request.  Their replies were edited for spelling/grammar or if their comments had already been listed... 
The basics that I see from the article:
Enter class loudly and late
Leave class loudly and early
Read newspapers during lecture/discussion
Talking in class
Eating in class (with me personally, it depends on what you're eating)
Others from the article
Loud gum chewing/popping
Pen and pencil tapping
Packing up while the prof is still talking
Body odor
Skimpily clad individuals
Off-topic discussions
Many students may not realize it, but such behaviors are insulting to the professor. They are also disrespectful of fellow students. So, as students (or former students), I'm inviting you to put your comments/opinions here. What do you think? What do you find really irritating that you wish students would stop doing or that the professor would ask students to stop? I personally hate doing this type of thing, but when it disrupts the classroom, I know that I should.

From C: Cell phones, and talking while the professor is lecturing.  When I came to USI, and got into the "real" psychology classes, I was surprised at how many students seem to mistake a lecture for a sort of group therapy session.  I understand that they are just trying to give examples of how their own life relates to what we are studying, but to me, it seems to be a disturbance when the professor has to veer from the lecture to discuss a certain problem that a student has.  Maybe this doesn't happen as often as it seems to me that it does, or maybe it just depends on the teacher, but I noticed it happening quite often during my first two semesters at USI. 

From K: one day last semester I was sitting in the back row, and the guy in front of me stood up to pull his pants up and although it was not intentional, he mooned me and a few other people sitting back there.

From L: I can't stand that they start slamming books shut before the prof is done talking.  Secondly, I can't stand that they ask questions about stuff that they should have already read.  One time a student flat out said, "I don't read the chapter till the night before the test, so that's just the way I am, but anyway I wonder if ..blah blah blah"  and asked a question that she would have known if she had read the slows everyone down.  Third, I hate people begging for extra credit in the last three weeks to catch up with the people that has been there and done their work.  And most of all, I hate having to hide from people the night before a test, because that is when all your loafers show up and beg for your notes and want you to tutor them for the test the next day when I prefer to study alone and prepare myself as I had planned...not babysit and educate them after they've flat out missed because they thought they could use a day off to spend with their boyfriend, cat, dog whatever...notes exchange should be a fair trade off and both people should be reliable.  Ohhh wait...I hate having class where there is computers because people screw off on the internet instead of listening and taking notes and it's disruptive too.  Yep that's what I hate the most, these things right here.

From J: I teach classes at my workplace to the patients we serve. One thing that really gets me is when they start tapping their feet on the floor or hands on the desk as if they were listening to a favorite song that is stuck in their head. Also, falling asleep and/or snoring when a video is being played is greatly annoying.

 From D: A reiteration of the computers in class...  Comment from me: As I explain to my students, if you're playing on the computer rather than attending to the lecture, you may as well not bother coming to class.  You aren't paying attention - thus, aren't learning anything.  Some of my students who complain about their grades actually weren't attending to what was going on - but checking email, doing other homework...

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