Things to think about / Trivia

Things to think about 

Cell phones and brain cancer
Homosexuality and the Bible
--just want you to think!
A different perspective on Winnie the Pooh

Want to understand autism? --start here

AIDS - Do you really understand how it is spread??  This link provides just one thing to think about.

Trivia - thanks to

Is the Earth really round?

Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee an American's right to own a gun?

Why are certain four-letter words obscene while other words that mean the same thing are not?

Sigmund Freud is associated with many important ideas, the existence and primacy of the subconscious being the most significant. But you knew that, right?

And a link between John Cleese and Sigmund Freud???  This one thanks to

Is there really such a thing as being tone deaf?

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

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