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Dr. Anne Statham


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Anne Statham has been Professor of Sociology and Director of the Service Learning Program here at University of Southern Indiana since the Fall of 2007. She held these same positions at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where she taught for more than 25 years. She has been a sociologist since 1977, when she joined the faculty at Ohio State University, where she taught for 4 years before moving to Wisconsin to join her husband, Michael Zupan.

She has published a variety of books and papers in the fields of women and work, gender studies, women and poverty, environmental studies, social psychology, and engaged scholarship and service learning. She has also done numerous community projects that have been incorporated into her courses as service learning projects, and has successfully managed several large grants related to applied research and service learning, from both public and private sources.

She began doing community based projects when she arrived at UW-Parkside in 1982.  She immediately recognized the potential of working in the community with students who were largely from the same community, and organized several community based research projects in courses during her first years on campus. 

In 1989, she began a 3-year longitudinal study of workers impacted by the Chrysler plan shutdown in Kenosha, funded largely by Kenosha County.  Many students worked with her on this project, both in classes and as independent study students.  Shortly before that, she had become the Outreach Coordinator for the Behavioral Science Division, doing or helping organize projects requested by community agencies, involving other students and faculty.

In 1992, she became Outreach Administrator for the UW System Women’s Studies Consortium, a position she held until 2001. During that time, she organized many statewide projects, including Women and Science Days, the Women and Poverty Public Education Initiative, a Women and the Environment conference at Wingspread that included women from the former Soviet Union in partnership with groups in the U.S., a Wisconsin Native American Cultures curriculum transformation project, and a Women’s Leadership Certificate that eventually became the Leadership Certificate Program in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at UW-Parkside. When the campus received its first U.S. Housing and Urban Development Community Outreach Partnership Center grant, she was co-director of the grants and subsequent grants received from US HUD, eventually became founding director of the Institute for Community Based Learning on the UW-Parkside campus. 

In addition to the countless community based learning and research projects she has done in her own courses, she has assisted many faculty in developing and executing their own projects, working to put into place systems to support this work on both campuses. When she left UW-Parkside, she was Senior Fellow in the Center for Community Partnerships, which also houses the Institute for Community Based Learning.