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Dr. Susan Spencer

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Susan Spencer

Phone:  228-5138

Office:   LA3022

Email:   sdspencer

Contract Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Ph.D. Indiana University, 2012
Major: Anthropology
Doctoral Dissertation: "Violence in the Lower Illinois River Valley (ca AD795-1200): An Examination of Skeletal Injuries at Schild Utilizing Taphonomy, Paleopathology, Forensic Science and Fluoride Dating Methodologies."

M.A. Indiana University, 2009
Major: Anthropology

B.A. University of Louisville, 2003
Major: Anthropology

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Health and Disease in the Pre-Columbian New World
  • Human Osteology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Taphonomy

Powell, Mary Lucas, Della Collins Cook, Maia M. Langley, Jennifer Raff, FrederikaKaestle, and Susan D. Spencer. (Expected publication: 2011).  The ‘African Queen,’ a Portuguese mystery. In Ann Lucy Stodder and Ann M. Palkovich, eds. The bioarchaeology of individuals. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

Euber, Julie K., Susan D. Spencer, and Della Collins Cook. 2007. Incidence of Trachoma in two prehistoric lower Illinois River valley populations. Paleopathology Newsletter 138:9-12.

Spencer, Susan Dale, and Cheryl Ann Munson.2006. Appendix VII: Identification of Human
Remains.InCheryl Ann Munson, Michael Strezewski, and C. Russell Stafford, eds.Archaeological investigations at the Prather Site, Clark County, Indiana: the 2005 survey and
excavations. Indianapolis: Indiana Department of National Resources.

Spencer, Susan Dale. 2002. Manslick Road Cemetery, Burial #34, Louisville, Kentucky.Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science 64:108-113.

Academic Presentations
2011    A critical examination of cranial depression fractures among 10th-11th century Amerindians of west-central Illinois.Podium Presentation at the annual meeting of the Paleopathology Association (PPA), Minneapolis, MN.
2011    Carbon-Isotopes and Maize Consumption in Caborn-Welborn Villages
Authors: Elise E. Alonzi, Mark R. Schurr, Cheryl Ann Munson, Susan Dale Spencer
Poster presented at the Society for American Archaeologists (SAA), Sacramento, CA.

2011    Fluoride dating of two Caborn-Welborn Phase cemeteries from Southwestern Indiana
Authors: Susan Dale Spencer, Cheryl Ann Munson, Mark R. Schurr. Podium presentation at the annual meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science (IAS), Indianapolis, IN.

2011    Fluoride Dating Laboratory. Presented at the Field Technologies Showcase at the annual Anthropology Graduate Student Association (AGSA), Technologies of Culture, Bloomington, IN.

2010    Perimortem Trauma among Late Woodland and Early Mississippian Burials at the Schild Site in West-Central Illinois.Podium presentation at theMidwest Archaeological Conference (MAC), Bloomington, IN.

2010    From the “Mouth of the Wabash” to the Great Lakes Region: An Assessment of Bioarchaeological Research in Indiana. Authors: Jeremy J. Wilson, Susan D. Spencer
Podium presentation at the Midwest Archaeological Conference (MAC), Bloomington, IN.

2009    Analysis  of the Late Mississippian Mann Cemetery, A Classic Caborn-Welborn Burial Ground Munson, Cheryl Ann and Susan D. Spencer. Podium presentation at the annual Midwest Archaeology Conference, Iowa City, IA.

2009    A Biocultural Analysis of Late Mississippians from Southwestern Indiana
Authors: Susan Dale Spencer, Cheryl Ann Munson, Jason M. Gresalfi, Kylie Nicole McFarland,
Anna-Marie Casserly. Podium presentation at the annual meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science (IAS), Kokomo, IN.

2009    Utah Lake skull cap: yet another Archaic burial?
Authors: Susan Dale Spencer, Della Collins Cook, Joan B. Coltrain, Haagen D. Klaus
Poster presented at the meetings of the American Association of Physical Anthropology (AAPA), Chicago, IL.

2009    An internal occipital lesion associated with Inca bone in an elderly Mississippian male.
Authors: Susan Dale Spencer and Della Collins Cook. Poster presented at the Paleopathology Association Meetings (PPA), Chicago, IL.

University Courses Taught at USI

  • World Cultures (Anth 111)
  • Introduction to Social Research (Soc 391)