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Learning Sociology

Learning Sociology: Chapter by Chapter   This site was created by students in sociology specifically to help others learn.  There are also online lessons available.

Sociology Jeopardy   "I'll take Social Groups for $400" thanks to Allyn & Bacon.

Sociology Courses & Curricula Resources by Albert Benschop

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology SOCNET : Courses and Curricular Resources

Sociology MegaSites

All of these sites offer a wide variety of resources, categorized by topic with links to further resources:

Doing Research in Sociology

MLA Handbook for Writing Research Papers:  How to cite electronic sources (internet, e-mail, etc.) in your research papers.

Writing Guide:    A general guide for writing research papers for your classes along with other helps and links.

Writing Research Proposals & Papers :  For the beginner to the most advanced.

Schools & Organizations

Graduate Schools :    A list of all graduate programs ( masters & Ph.D.) in sociology in alphabetical order.  It provides further links to the schools and departments for most of the programs.

Sociological Associations:    A list of sociological associations, U.S. and world-wide, with further links to the specific associations, meetings, etc.

Sociology Departments in the U.S. : from the WWW Virtual Library

Sociology Journals

Careers In Sociology

What can I do with this degree?

General:  College Graduate Job Search

The premier site: Monster.Com

"Soar to New Heights with a Career in Sociology" --Much information here...

Careers in Sociology :  If you are at all interested in making sociology your career, you need to check out Careers in Sociology by W. Richard Stephens, Jr.

Sociological Theory & Works

The Dead Sociologists Society by Larry R. Ridener  -- A great place to learn & read about the old dead ones.

THE BASICS OF CONFLICT THEORY From Randall Collins, Conflict Sociology. New York: Academic Press, 1974, pp.56-61.

The Emile Durkheim Archive by L. Joe Dunman, Murray State University.  

A Collection of Original Works put together by B. Kaplan.   Scroll down the page to browse the paper section.