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Dr. Steven Williams


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Department Chair

Dr. Todd Schroer
Email: tschroer

Steve Williams in his hockey uniform

Associate Professor of Sociology

Office: LA3014
Phone: 461-5236
Email: swilliam


  • Ph.D. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University. November, 2000. 
    Dissertation title: The Absence of the Other: A Macro-Level Application of Goffmanian Frame Analysis to the End of the Cold War and its Representation in American Film.
  • M.A. Department of Sociology, University of Alberta. June, 1993. 
    Thesis title: An Analysis of Social Critique in Music Videos Broadcast on MuchMusic. 
  • B. A. (Honors) Department of Sociology, University of Alberta. November, 1988. 

Academic Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Tracking the New World Order: Films, Frames and Geopolitical Performance. Space and Culture vol 5, no. 2, May 2002.
  • Reading Sexuality in Popular Music. Radical Teacher 52, spring 1998.
  • Building Trust in Inter-Ethnic Encounters. (with Alexander Matejko) Canadian Ethnic Studies vol.25, no.2, 1993.

Published Book Reviews

  • Motherhood and Representation by E. Ann Kaplan. 
    Canadian Journal of Sociology vol.19, no.3, 1994.
  • Media Theory by Fred Inglis.
    Canadian Journal of Sociology vol.17, no.2, 1992.

Academic Papers Presented

  • Homoeroticism and Homophobia: Identifying Points of Convergence and Divergence in Popular Culture. Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Pasadena, CA. April 5, 2003.
  • What If?: Consumption and the Construction of Fear in Everyday Life. Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Vancouver, BC. April 19, 2002. 
  • Performative Geopolitics and American Hegemony: Cold War Representations in Popular Film. North Central Sociological Association Conference, Louisville, KY. April 6, 2001.
  • Cultural Genocide of Native Peoples: The Canadian Experience. Liberal Arts Colloquium, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN. Feb. 23, 2001.
  • Sexuality and Popular Music: Adventures in Pedagogy. Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. May 30, 2000.
  • The Cold War's End as Frame Disruption: A Macro Application of Goffmanian Frame Analysis. Sociology Guest Speaker Series, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Feb. 5, 1999.
  • Compositions of Freedom: Punk and Rap in Jacques Attali's New Paradigm of Sound. International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference, McGill University, Montréal, QC, Nov. 16, 1996.
  • Coding and Packaging the Classical Composer and the Rock Star. Cross(over) Relations Conference, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, Sept. 26, 1996.
  • Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Narrative Cinema and Music Video. Learned Societies Conference, Montréal, QC, June 5, 1995.
  • Ethnic Diversity and Communicative Creativity: A Phenomenological Approach. Learned Societies Conference, Calgary, AB, June 13, 1994.
  • Music Video and the Genderless Address. Learned Societies Conference, Calgary, AB, June 12, 1994.
  • Filling the Threat Vacuum: American Film and the End of the Cold War. Carleton University Sociology Work-in-Progress Symposium, Ottawa, ON, Oct. 22, 1993. 
  • The Identification of Postmodern Texts: The Case of Music Video. Carleton University Contemporary Discourse Analysis Symposium. Ottawa, ON, March 13, 1993.
  • Reification and Emergent Transformation in the Works of Karl Marx, Alfred Schutz and George Herbert Mead. University of Alberta Graduate Research Symposium, Edmonton, AB, Oct. 29, 1991.

University Courses Instructed

  • University of Southern Indiana

    Principles of Sociology (Sociology 121) 
    Introduction to Popular Culture (Sociology 200) 
    Gender and Society (Sociology 361) 
    Race, Class and Gender in Popular Culture (Sociology 370) 
    Modernity and Social Science (Sociology 370) 
    Race and Ethnicity (Sociology 421, formerly Minority Groups) 
    Wealth and Poverty (Sociology 463) 
    The Development of Sociological Theory (Sociology 483)

  • Carleton University 

    The Development of Sociological and Anthropological Thought
    Power and Everyday Life
    Introduction to Cultural Studies

  • University of Ottawa

    Marx and Marxist Analysis

Professional Affiliations

  • Pacific Sociological Association (PSA)
  • North Central Sociological Association (NCSA)
  • International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)
  • National Women's Studies Association (NWSA)
  • Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (CSAA)