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Many students majoring in disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts prepare themselves to teach in secondary schools (high schools, junior high schools, or middle schools). Although these candidates for licensing may take some education courses in their freshman and sophomore years, formal application for admission to the secondary education program (under the direction of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education) does not occur until they have completed their 45th credit hour.

A student may apply for admission to the teacher education program in the semester in which he/she enrolls for the 45th credit hour, successfully completes the Praxis I test, and meets other course and GPA requirements as established for the major. As part of the application process, the student will be interviewed by both the major and minor departments. A student should ask his or her advisor for information on arranging the interview.  (Download Admission Form, College of Education)

The structure of the interview may vary according to department, but in general, it will be conducted by a committee consisting of two to three faculty members from the major field(s). This committee will interview the student according to the procedures established in the department, review his or her record, and decide on its recommendation.

The committee may decide as followsfor admission to the teacher education program:

The chair of the committee will record the committee’s decision on the student’s application form and return the form to the student. One copy of the recommendation will be placed in the student’s advising folder. The committee will send a copy of the recommendation to the Teacher Education Department and a copy to the student.

Among factors the committee will consider in making its decision are the student’s academic record, performance in classes, course work completed, ability to organize and present material orally, and general promise. In particular, University regulations require that a student admitted unconditionally to the teacher education program must carry a grade point average of at least 2.75, in his/her major, any supporting area or minor, and overall.

A student may appeal the decision of the interview committee to the Dean.