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Art History

Art history programs at the University of Southern Indiana provide a comprehensive look at artistic works and movements throughout the centuries across many media. Students may take courses in medieval, ancient Greek, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary art, among other important periods in art history. 

Students demonstrate their research in the final portfolio, required of all art history majors. The digital portfolio consists of at least one writing and/or research sample from each 300- and 400-level art history course the student has taken. Assembling a strong portfolio can be critical to students interested in pursuing graduate studies in art history.

Art History Programs

The Art Department offers a major in art with an art history emphasis, as well as a minor in art history.

The major in art with an art history emphasis culminates in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 semester hours in the same foreign language or demonstration of proficiency at that level of study. The Bachelor of Arts is strongly recommended for any student planning on attending graduate school for art history.

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