University of Southern Indiana

Departmental Learning Outcomes

The Faculty of the Department of Art and Design has identified five key learning outcomes required to achieve its educational goals.  By graduation, art and art education majors are expected to:

Learning Outcome 1: demonstrate their visual literacy through oral and written communications where they use aesthetic standards to analyze historical and contemporary art and design as well as their own work.
Learning Outcome 2: demonstrate their artistic growth and understanding of skills, techniques, and concepts.

Learning Outcome 3:

have knowledge of both tradition and contemporary techniques in their chosen area for development of their own artistic style and content. 
Learning Outcome 4: have developed the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills necessary to enter the professional fields of fine art, graphic design, art education, or art history, or to pursue further education goals. 
Learning Outcome 5: demonstrate their preparedness for professional careers or graduate studies.  

These learned outcomes are consistent for all art and art education majors.  They are met by specific courses requires in the art or art education programs and purposely designed to meet the learning goals and educational objectives of each area.  

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