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Capstone Studies

Notice to Incoming Students

Students entering the University in bulletin years 2014-2015 or later are required to complete the University Core 39, which does not include capstone studies. Students who are completing Core 39 should not enroll in LIBA 497.

Students who are completing degrees in the College of Liberal Arts in bulletin years prior to 2014-2015 may still be required to take LIBA 497 to satisfy University Core Curriculum requirements.

What is Capstone Studies?

Though open to students in any major or school, LIBA 497: Capstone Studies is the course used primarily by students majoring in the College of Liberal Arts to satisfy the old University Core Curriculum's Category D: Synthesis requirement. (The exceptions are students being certified in secondary education, who will satisfy Synthesis when they take Education 448.)

Most students will take the course in their senior year, when they will be able to choose among a variety of topics offered by instructors from several different disciplines.

Instructors who are teaching sections of the course have written brief descriptions of the topics they have selected and the approaches they plan to use. Descriptions are arranged by section number. Further information is available from each instructor at the phone number or address listed at the end of his/her description.

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