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Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Christopher Rivera
Dr. Christopher Rivera
Director of International and Interdisciplinary Studies
Assistant Professor of International Studies
Contact: 812-228-5173
Robert D. Orr Center 3074B


International Studies and Humanities

Allen Helmstetter
Dr. Allen Helmstetter
Program Director of Humanities
Contract Assistant Professor of English
Contact: 812-465-1223
Robert D. Orr Center 3074A
Robert Glenn III
Mr. Robert Glenn III
Lecturer - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5264
Liberal Arts Center
Josephina Kiteou
Mrs. Josephina Kiteou
Instructor in Humanities and International Studies
Contact: 812-228-5130
Robert D. Orr Center 3016
Paul Plath
Dr. Paul Plath
Lecturer - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-228-5101
Robert D. Orr Center 3073
Emily Synowiec
Mrs. Emily Synowiec
Lecturer - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-7128
Liberal Arts Center
Ellen Topper
Mrs. Ellen Topper
Instructor in Humanities and International Studies
Contact: 812-228-5131
Robert D. Orr Center 3014


Gender Studies

Steven Williams
Dr. Steven Williams
Program Director of Gender Studies
Associate Professor of Sociology
Contact: 812-461-5236
Liberal Arts Center 3014
Sarah Stevens
Dr. Sarah Stevens
Director of Advising
Lecturer - Liberal Arts
Lecturer - Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-461-5238
Health Professions Center 2023D


Classical Studies

Michael Dixon
Dr. Michael Dixon
Program Director of Classical Studies
Associate Professor of History
Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-1093
Liberal Arts Center 3003


Capstone Studies

Robert West, Jr.
Dr. Robert West, Jr.
Program Director of LIBA/LBST
Assistant Professor of Advertising
Contact: 812-461-5209
Liberal Arts Center 3084

Center Staff

Whitley Draper
Ms. Whitley Draper
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5203
Liberal Arts Center 3059
Gayle Jessie
Mrs. Gayle Jessie
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-465-7128
Robert D. Orr Center 3074E

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