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The following books can be purchased at the USI Bookstore.

  • Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs: A Register of the Harmonists in America. Edited by Donald E. Pitzer & Leigh Ann Chamness. University of Southern Indiana Press, Evansville, 1992.
    Cost: $22.95

  • Elliott, Josephine Mirabella, and Jane Thompson Johansen. Charles-Alexandre Lesueur: Premier Naturalist and Artist. 1999.
    Cost: $29.95

  • Pitzer, Donald E., ed. America's Communal Utopias. University of North Carolina Press, 1997.
    Cost: $26.65 (paper cover); $64.00 (cloth cover)

  • Pitzer, Donald E., and Josephine Mirabella Elliott, eds., Indiana Magazine of History [Willam Maclure edition]. Published by Indiana University Department of History with the Indiana Historical Society, vol. XCIV, no. 2, June 1998.
    Cost: $5.00

  • Wittmer, Joe. The Gentle People: Personal Reflections of Amish Life. Educational Media Corp., 1991.
    Cost: $8.95

Recent publications in communal studies:

  • Reprint of Arthur Bestor's Backwoods Utopias: The Sectarian Origin and The Owenite Phase of Communitarian Socialism in America 1663-1829 (Wipf and Stick Publisher, 2012) with new introduction by Don Pitzer.
  • Eileen English, Demographic Directory of the Harmony Society (Richard Couper Press, 2011).
  • Casey Harison, ed., A New Social Question: Capitalism, Socialism and Utopia (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).
  • Don Pitzer and Darryl Jones, New Harmony Then and Now (Indiana University Press, 2012).

  • Joel Nathan Rosen, From New Lanark to Mound Bayou: Owenism in the Mississippi Delta (Carolina Academic Press, 2011).
  • Leonard Warren, William Maclure of New Harmony (Indiana University Press, 2009).

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