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Degrees and Programs

The USI Master of Social Work program can be completed in one or two years, dependent on whether or not the student has a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. The Full-Time (Day) Track is the only option, at this time, for students with degrees in psychology, sociology, philosophy or other disciplines. 


 Full-Time (Day) Track 

Full-Time (Day) Advanced Standing Track

Part-Time (Evening) Advanced Standing Track 

Bachelor of Social Work? No Yes Yes
Number of Credit Hours 61 36 36
Years to
2 1 2
Full time Full time Part Time
Graduation May July May

Breaking News!

Starting in 2015, full-time and part-time two year students now graduate in May of their second year!

The Master of Social Work program also can be completed concurrently with the Master of Public Administration program.

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