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Facilities and Equipment

Multimedia Computer Lab

The Scripps Howard Center is anchored by a multi-purpose teaching computer laboratory where students edit digital video, develop websites, study digital photography and craft enticing graphics for an array of modern communication purposes. The 17-unit Macintosh dual processor - featuring both Mac and PC platforms - laboratory primarily serves students in advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations.

These computers are equipped to perform video and audio editing. Here the students in the mass communications fields of print, online and broadcast journalism, public relations and advertising learn how to edit and produce photos, stories and layouts. The equipment includes:

  • Adobe Premiere nonlinear editing software including Pinnacle TitleDeko and Adobe Photoshop for graphics
  • Mini DV VCRs
  • Sony DSR-PD150 Mini DV camcorders for field shooting

Video Production Complex

The Scripps Howard Video Production Complex prepares students for careers in broadcast and institutional video production through experience in their course work, student productions and contracted production projects. The facility is solely designed for student use, and students are encouraged to take their abilities, motivation and desire as far as they can.

Radio and television courses using the facility include a required introductory media production course presenting students a variety of approaches to audio and video production. Students also can enroll in advanced courses in broadcast journalism, program studio production, field shooting and editing and radio and television performance. From these courses students will produce full-length programs, program segments, advertising and promotional spots, video stories and news segments.

Along with course assignments students are currently involved in a variety of scheduled productions including Access USI, a weekly student-produced newscast airing live into campus housing, and the four-camera, live-on-tape broadcast of Screaming Eagles men's basketball games, which air on cable in the Evansville market.

The studio facility is composed of:

  • A 25-by-42-foot studio utilizing three Hitachi cameras
  • Chyron graphics
  • Ross digital video switcher
  • 24-input Allen and Heath audio board

Recording formats include:

  • DVCPro
  • MiniDV
  • DVD
  • SVHS
  • System 360 three channel video server

Burleigh Reading Room

In the Burleigh Reading Room, communications students have access to a library of communications magazines, videos, newspapers and other reference materials.

In the reading room, students can display photographs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, motion pictures and new media products. All student organizations in the department, such as the Public Relations Student Society of America, the Advertising Club, and the Society of Professional Journalists, hold meetings in the reading room.

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