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Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Social Work Department is to prepare students for competency driven practice focused on evolving issues in the community.

Bachelor of Social Work Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Educate generalist practice students on the ten core competencies of social work practice.
    1. Integrate competency-driven learning throughout the BSW curriculum.
    2. Use technology to enhance course delivery.
    3. Use current scholarship and best practices in assignments in the BSW curriculum.
    4. Use field trips, international programs, speakers, service learning, and forums to enrich student learning about diversity.
    5. Annually update curriculum and course content in response to evaluation feedback, changes in best practices, and community needs.
    6. Sponsor annual events that facilitate dialogue and exchange between alumni and students.
    7. Implement a comprehensive model of student advising that makes the best use of the Department’s student leaders, administrative staff, and faculty members.
    8. Use course exercises and assignments to promote student awareness of self as an instrument of change.
  2. Use research as the foundation for discovering best practices in education and community engagement.
    1. Develop and carry out research focused on social justice in collaboration with the Center for Social Justice.
    2. Conduct faculty-student research.
    3. Use exit surveys, alumni surveys, employer surveys, student focus groups, and benchmarking rubrics to monitor BSW program processes and outcomes
    4. Model and promote the ethic of service. Objectives:
    5. Serve on boards, committees, and as members of regional organizations that support and promote the values of professional social work.
    6. Faculty members and students will seek and respond to organizational and community service needs in the region.
    7. Sponsor student organizations that recognize academic excellence and promote student service.  

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