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Criminal Justice Students

Criminal Justice Studies

Criminal justice studies is a multi-disciplinary major with contributions from the fields of sociology, political science, and anthropology.

Students pursing the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice studies will learn the basic four areas of the discipline - policing, law, corrections, and criminology - in the introductory courses and can specialize in their area of choice through upper level electives.

Graduates of the criminal justice studies program pursue careers in a variety of public and private service areas such as:

  • Correction institutions
  • Court systems
  • Federal, state and local government
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Security
  • Probation
  • Legal assisting
  • Social service and public assistance agencies

Criminal Justice Programs

A major or a minor in criminal justice studies is offered at the University of Southern Indiana. The major in criminal justice studies culminates in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Students must complete pre-admission requirements before declaring a criminal justice studies major.

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 semester hours in the same foreign language or demonstration of proficiency at that level of study.

In addition to the departmental degree requirements, students must complete the University Core 39.

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