Bishop Hill

Date Range: 1974-2006


ID Number: CS 059



This collection consists of newsletters and announcements from the community. It includes articles, informational booklets produced by the community, and conference presentation papers as well as guides and maps with historic information.


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Please credit the courtesy of University of Southern Indiana’s Archives and Special collections at David L. Rice Library.


Communal Living; Collective Settlements; Housing, Cooperative; Intentional Communities; Collective farms; Commune




Folder 1 Tour/Historic Guides, maps and events 1984-1992 20-C
Folder 2 Newsletters: Utopian, 1988 & 1992; Bishop Hill Heritage Association, 1975-1993; Bishop Hill Heritage News, 1979-1988; Bishop Hill Heritage Association Newsbulletin, 1990-2006 1975-2006 20-C
Folder 3 Clippings and articles 1979-1995 20-C
Folder 4 Conference papers and scholarly writings: “The Bishop Hill Colony: A Religious Communistic Settlement in Henry County, Illinois.” Michael A. Mikkelsen, John Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science 1892 20-C
Folder 4 “Eric Janson and the Bishop Hill Colony.” Sivert Erdahl, Illinois State Historical Society Journal 1925 20-C
Folder 4 “Bibliography of Midwestern Experimental Communities: Illinois.” E. Cheryl Schnirring n.d. 20-C
Folder 4 “The Janssonists Meet America: Culture, Thought and Living at Swedish Bishop Hill, Il.” John E. Norton, presented at the International Communal Studies Conference, New Harmony, IN. 1993 20-C
Folder 4 “The Janssonist Faith, from Biskopskulla to Bishop Hill.” John E. Norton, Communal Studies Conference, Nauvoo, IL. 1992 20-C
Folder 4 “The Charter of the Bishop Hill Colony.” n.d. 20-C
Folder 4 “The History of the Bishop Hill Colony.” Eric Johnson 1880 20-C
Folder 4 “English Settlements in Illinois.” Rich Burkhardt 1983 20-C
Folder 4 “A Farewell Address from Eric Jansson” Translation and German 1845 20-C