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To help inspire exploration of the World Wide Web, Rice Library will from time-to-time take an opportunity to introduce our users to new and interesting websites.

One such site is The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

image from DPLA website.

The Digital Public Library (DPLA) launched on April 18, 2013. Planning for the DPLA began in late October, 2010, and the project is the result of collaboration between many types of organizations, including academic and public libraries, federal and state museums and archives, and historical societies.

The DPLA makes the digitized collections of this country - and others - freely available to all. It is a major step toward a goal that librarians and archivists have been dreaming about since the early days of the internet 20 years ago - a true digital library, open to all who wish to use it.

Visit, explore, and visit again. It will only get better.

Take a closer look:

Subjects (http://dp.la/subjects):

Exhibitions (http://dp.la/exhibitions)


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