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Media Hubs in Rice Library's
Connection Commons

Connection Commons located in the Northeast corner of the library, has two media stations where a group of two, three or four students can collaborate on a class project together by connecting to the media hubs and share information across different devices.

Four students collaborating together in the Connection Commons area in the library.    Two students collaborating on a class project together in the Connection Commons area in the library.


  • Adaptors and remote controls for the Media Hubs can be obtained at the Checkout Desk. An Eagle Access card is required. These items are Library Use Only.
  • Each individual student must charge out the VGA adaptor (connector) for his/her device.
  • The Media Hubs are to be used for group collaboration.
  • The Media Hubs may not be used for entertainment purposes.
  • The Media Hubs may not be reserved; use is first come, first served.
  • If you need assistance, please ask at the Reference Desk or the Checkout Desk.


"Hub" refers to the library equipment installed at each table. This includes the unit and attached color-coded cables.

"Device" refers to each individual's laptop/iPod/phone/tablet etc. that is being connected.

"Connectors" refer to the VGA adaptors that can be checked out to connect a device to the hub.

  • Check out a remote control and the appropriate device-to-VGA connector(s) at the Checkout Desk. Eagle Access Card required; loan period is closing of each day.
  • Turn on the monitor. Make sure it is set to HDMI 1 (input button).
  • Connect up to 4 devices to the hub. The connectors attach the hub cable to the video port on the device.
  • On each device, activate the "hot key" for VGA, if necessary. The method of activation for the "hot key" depends on the device and may use a single key or a combination of keys.
  • To project an image to the monitor: On the hub, push the left side of the button that color coordinates to the device's cord connection. The button should light up. For audio, push the right side of the button. Video and audio can be activated at the same time.
  • To change the device that is projecting on the screen: Push the coordinating color button on the hub.
  • When finished, turn off the equipment and return all checked out items to the checkout desk.


  • Is the connector correct?
  • Is it plugged into the video port on device?
  • Is it correctly connected to the hub?
  • Does the device need to be in VGA mode or does a key need to be toggled to activate?
  • Is the TV set to HDMI 1?
  • Does the hub button light up when pushed? Is the correct light on (left for video, right for audio, or both).
  • Does the hub button match the color on the cable connected to device?
  • Does the device have power? Is the device asleep?
  • If you are having a sound issue, inform a library staff member.

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