David L. Rice Library



Food, Drink and Cell Phone Policy


You may...

Approved drink containers
  • Drink beverages from reclosable, spill-proof containers. (see examples at right)

Please Do not...

  • Drink beverages from cans or open containers.
  • Place drinks close to computer workstations or bring them into University Archives and Special Collections.
  • Bring food into any area of the library.

Please Do...

  • Report any major spills to the Checkout Counter or call Ext. 1913 for immediate clean-up.
  • Dispose of drink-related trash in the wastebaskets.
  • Help discourage mice and other vermin from taking up residence in the library.
  • Keep in mind that drinks can damage books, equipment and furniture.
  • Respect staff and follow instructions if you are reminded of this policy.
  • Keep all food in the public corridor.

Hungry or Thirsty?

Public area
  • Vending machines for food and drink are available in the public corridor, outside the library's main entrance. There are also vending machines and a seating area in the Lower Level.

Cell Phone Use

  • For courtesy and privacy, cell phone use is restricted to the central stairwell and the public corridor. Please set cell phones to vibrate when in the library.