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Trial Article Delivery Service - Eligibility Requirements

Participants:  Qualifying students must be currently enrolled in one of the university’s graduate courses.

Geographic:  Qualifying students must live in excess of 50 miles from the USI campus.

Materials (Type):  Qualifying materials must be items owned by Rice Library but not available in an online format.  These materials must be documents that can be scanned and delivered electronically to the requestor.  They may include articles from print or microform journals or book chapters.

Materials (Quantity):  Requests for copies may not exceed 50 pages for any single document delivered.

Request Limits:  USI patrons may submit up to 75 ILL requests per academic year without paying a processing fee.  Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions constitute one academic year.

Copyright Considerations:  In all resource sharing, copyright considerations apply.  Please be aware that if your request would create a conflict with copyright law, that request must be denied.  An example would be multiple requests from recent years of the same journal title.

Requesting Article Delivery: Qualifying students may request the article delivery service using an ILLiad account, available at

Qualifying students needing articles from journals not owned in any format by Rice Library can request them through interlibrary loan (ILL):

For additional information on ILL policies, please see

Questions? Please Contact the Interlibrary Loan Unit:
Kirsten Williams : ILL Senior Library Assistant - 812-465-1683
Brad Reel: Reference/Interlibrary Loan Librarian – 812-465-1638