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ILLiad Tips

Make the ILL process as fast as possible

  • Include everything you know about the item in the request form. Add notes if necessary.
  • Double-check your spelling.
  • If you are using a citation from one of our databases, tell us where you found the citation (e.g. PsycINFO or WorldCat). We may need to check the original citation for more information.
  • Do not use a commercial email account (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo). All communication is done through USI email addresses.
  • For article and conference proceedings requests, search the Internet first. Some of these are available onlinefor free.

Provide complete, correct citations. Lending libraries will not process requests without complete and correct information.

  • Article requests require the journal title, article title, volume number, issue number, date and page numbers.
  • Book requests require the title, author, publisher, and date.
  • Dissertation/thesis requests require the author, title, date, and originating university.
  • For incomplete citations, attempt to locate the full citation in one of our reserach databases (e.g. PsycINFO or WorldCat) or on the Internet. Reference librarians can also assist you in finding this information.
  • Whenever possible, supply the OCLC number (available in WorldCat), ISBN (books) or ISSN (journals). Copy the number, not the words "OCLC," "ISBN," or "ISSN."

Make Rice Library databases fill out the ILLiad request forms for you.

  • In research databases such as Academic Search Premier and Social Work Abstracts, choose a specific article and click on Article Linker. If you find out Rice Library does not subscribe to the needed journal ("no holdings found"), click on "Interlibrary Loan." Log in to ILLiad, and your completed article request form will appear. Tip: Double-check page numbers because the ending page number usually does not appear. Add the end page number and supply your course name/#. Click on Submit.
  • In a WorldCat record, click on "Request Interlibrary Loan," and log into your ILLiad account when prompted. Your ILLiad request form will appear with the book's information filled out. Add your course name and # and click on Submit.


Still have questions?

Contact the ILL office: (812)465-1683, libill@usi.edu.