Rice Library


Finding Music CDs using the Library's Catalog

From the Catalog's choose "Advanced" if you are not already there. Under Location Limits, use the dropdown arrow and change the location default to Music

library catalog search screen example.

To Search:

By Title - enter the title you are looking for, putting the title in quotes.
By Keyword - enter the phrase "sound recording" to view a list of the music collection (consisting of approximately 725 titles)

You can also search by these terms:

Examples: rock, rap, popular, country, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, medieval, gospel, operas, "children's songs", "world music", "new age", ireland, "17th century"

Also, you can type a country or an instrument

For best results, omit the beginning words (called "articles" A, An, The, Der, El, L', La, etc.) when doing a title search.