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Libdex formerly (WebCats: Library Catalogs on the World Wide Web) This site is international in scope, and is searchable by geographic area, library type, and vendor. Created by Peter Scott and Doug Macdonald, University of Saskatchewan Libraries. This site is now administered by Libdex a worldwide directory of library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages, Web OPAC vendors and libraries using their software, and library e-commerce affiliate links.

Library of Congress Z39.50 Gateway Z39.50 is a national standard defining protocol for computer-to-computer information retrieval. This standard makes it possible for a user in one system to search and retrieve information from other computer systems that have also implemented the standard, without knowing the search syntax that is used by those other systems. This site contains links to various Z39.50 resources, and provides a gateway to many library catalogs.