Rice Library


Library Policies


  • Children in the Library

  • Exceptional Circumstances

  • Labs A and B

  • Filming in the Library
  •   Permission for Filming Inside the Library

    Anyone wishing to film (including still photographs or any kind of image gathering device) inside the library must request permission either from the Library Director or from the librarian at Reference or a senior staff at Check-out. The library reserves the right to deny permission to film. The intent is to protect the rights and the privacy of individuals using the library to work or study. If permission to film is granted, it is done only with the provision that the filmmaker asks - in the least disruptive manner possible - permission of everyone who will be filmed. Anyone has the right to refuse to be filmed, and this must be honored by the filmmaker.

  • Food, Drink and Cell Phones

  • Adult student talking on a cellphone.
  • Library Closing Policy
  • Closing procedures begin 1 hour before the stated closing time that is, if the Library closes at midnight, then closing procedures begin at approximately 11:00 p.m., at which time labs and group study rooms will be locked and all laptops must be returned.

    At 30 minutes to closing patrons will be asked, "to proceed to the checkout counter immediately if you intend to checkout any items before leaving."

    At 15 minutes to closing patrons will be advised again that the library will be closing and, "Please immediately save and send any print jobs to the printers and proceed promptly to the first floor for exit."

    Anyone coming in during this time should be able to notice that closing procedures are underway, and staff may alert them that the Library will soon close.

    Since the clocks in the building may not show the same time, the clock over the main entrance to the library will be the "official" clock for closing purposes, unless it is not functioning properly and is off by more than 5 minutes; in that case staff may take the time from the computer network or call the local number for the correct time.

  • Library Computers and Electronic Resources

  • Laptop Lending and Wireless

  • Off-Campus Database Access