University of Southern Indiana

Manuscripts & Deadlines

Manuscript Requirements

Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and the author's full name should appear on every page. An identical copy should be brought to NHWW. Different writing samples may be submitted for scholarship consideration and for the workshops. NHWW staff will copy your workshop manuscript for workshop leaders and for all members of each workshop. The NHWW committee is not responsible for lost or damaged manuscripts. 

Poetry – Maximum of five poems, no more than ten pages total

Fiction – Maximum of 15 pages

Creative Nonfiction – Maximum of 15 pages

In respect to the 15 page maximum for fiction and creative nonfiction, manuscript excerpts are fine.  


The scholarship application and manuscript deadline is May 1st.

Manuscript submissions for workshop distribution should be sent by May 29th.

The remaining balance of registration fees are due June 15th, as are any requests for partial fee refund (the $100 registration fee cannot be refunded). 

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