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Housing and Residence Life is eagerly preparing for Move-In,
and one of our most important pieces is missing: YOU! We are looking for great volunteers to represent the USI community to our new students and families that will be moving in on Thursday, August 17.

Housing Move-in

If your organization wishes to participate in assisting with Move-In 2017, this page will assist you in getting members of your group or organization signed up.

Step 1: Discuss with members of your organization if they want to participate as an organization. There are benefits to participating including receiving a free shirt and the opportunity to wear other items to promote your group. 

Step 2: Establish times or number of hours members of your organization will volunteer. Do members volunteer when they want to or do you want designated time blocks? Each shift and location has a specific number of volunteers needed, so you will need to have flexibility in signing people up.

Step 3: Fill out a "Volunteer Registration" for each volunteer. This form is in the left menu. We staff each area with a specific number of volunteers, and knowing who will be where is vital to our move-in process. If you have a member of the organization just fill out one registration form for the organization, it will only show one person volunteering, which means only ONE t-shirt for your WHOLE group. Don’t lose out on a FREE T-SHIRT! Each member will need to fill out the volunteer registration form for themselves as they will login with their myUSI login credentials. 

Housing Move-in 4Step 4: Make sure to have all volunteer registration forms completed by July 31, 2017. This is our priority deadline. If you sign up before this date, you’ll be guaranteed your shirt size! After July 31, we will not be able to guarantee a shirt size.

While we know that Move-In is a great opportunity to connect with new students, we require all volunteers to wear the Move-In t-shirt. This helps our new students and families know who to ask for assistance. You may wear other items to promote your group, but the Move-In shirts are a must for us during this process. Remember that this is a time when ALL of USI is welcoming new students… you’ll have plenty of time to recruit once the school year starts!

 Some details on the sign-up process:

  • You will login using your myUSI login credentials. 
  • Once you have entered your basic information, you’ll be directed to the scheduling page, where you can select the times to assist with Move-In. If a time has a line through it, that time already has enough volunteers, so you’ll need to select a different time. Depending on our staffing needs we may need to change the area with which you signed up to help. This will be evaluated on Move-In day and depends on the number of residents that may arrive at a given time. 
  • If you’re looking to sign up with someone else, you can check the numbers beside each shift to see how many more volunteers we need—if you want to sign up with your friends, selecting the shift with only one or two spaces left might not work out so well.
  • You will receive a reminder email with your times, via the email address you submitted during the registration process, no later than August 9.
  • If your group signs up for a time and you can’t make it, please notify Melissa Burch at  or 812-468-2334. Any times you sign up for need to be filled by YOUR ORGANIZATION; however, you should still notify Melissa of any changes.
  • If you need to make changes you can log back into the volunteer form and make your changes. If you have problems regarding Move-In volunteers, please contact Melissa Burch at or 812-468-2334. 

If you are living on campus in the fall and wish to move in early to volunteer with Move-In Day, please log into myUSI and complete the Early Check In Fall 2017 to request an early move-in date AFTER you have signed up for your volunteer times.

We’re very excited that you are helping with Move-In! We’ll see you soon!


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