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Grants - Post Award Administration

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration (OPSRA) is responsible for the negotiation of all sponsored project awards and sub-recipient agreements. The Grant Accountant in the Business Office is responsible for account opening, billing, collecting, financial reporting, and account closing for grants and contracts awarded to the University by governmental and private sponsoring agencies. The Business Office maintains the financial records for each grant.

The Principal Investigator has overall responsibility for the conduct of the project described in the grant proposal. The Grant Accountant provides assistance, but the PI is expected to conduct all work in a responsible and ethical manner, to comply with the funding agency’s guidelines for expenditures and reporting, and to keep the College and the funding agency informed of any significant changes in the project.

USI Grant Accountants - to be notified if/when an award is made:

  • Kim Turner, Grant Accountant for Student Affairs and Outreach and Engagement, 465-1137,
  • Melissa Hensley, Grant Accountant for The College of Nursing and Health Professions, 465-1133,
  • Don McGrath, Grant Accountant for Athletics and The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education, 228-5132,
  • Jeff Sponn, Grant Accountant for Housing, 461-5423,
  • Katie Waterman, Grant Accountant for Academic Affairs, The College of Liberal Arts, and The Romain College of Business, 465-1623,

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