University of Southern Indiana


Students should investigate whether a course will fit into their college coursework degree map before signing up for dual credit. There are several ways to investigate course utility. Information for USI-bound students is below. Non-USI bound students can see how their USI coursework transfers through the Indiana Core Transfer Library ( or To learn how to use the Core Transfer Library or to investigate out of state course transfer, watch this video.

USI-bound students will be required to complete USI's Core 39 general education requirement list. The Core 39 CAP pdf shows which CAP courses satisfy a Core 39 requirement. Note that most majors require a few specific Core 39 courses. Each academic program also has check-sheets showing what courses are required for that major (in addition to the Core 39 required courses). 

Click here to watch the a tutorial about how to look up course utililty.

The CAP Office strongly recommends that USI-bound students contact the advising center for the applicable degree program they are interested in. The contact information for the advising centers are below. 

Advising Area 



 Phone Number


 Pott College of Science, Engineering and Education

Mr. Timothy Fitzgibbon


Education Center, 1142

 Nursing and Health Professions

 Dr. Sarah Stevens


 Health Professions Center, 2023

 Liberal Arts

 Ms. Renee Rowland


 Liberal Arts Center, 2001

 Romain College of Business

 Ms. Kristina Walker


 Business & Engineering Center, BE1015


 University Division (undecided)

 Ms. Patty Beagle


 Education Center, 1142

USI-bound students can also use the online Bulletin to see how certain CAP courses fit into USI programs by following the directions below:
     •At top left, select "Programs" from drop-down box.
     •Type the course into the search box, just below the drop-down box that reads "Programs."
      IMPORTANT: You need to use the USI course abbreviation: BIOL 105 instead of Biology 105; ENG 105 instead of English 105.
     •Click the magnifying glass to search.
The results show the various majors and minors that course fits into. Click the results to view the required and elective courses for each major.

For CAP students who plan to attend USI, use DegreeWorks to investigate how your USI dual credits affect degree completion requirements in different programs.  DegreeWorks can be found by logging into myUSI.