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Before signing up for any form of dual credit, the CAP Office has a set of dual credit helpful hints for high school students and their families.

Dual Credit Helpful Hints

1. Research every potential dual credit opportunity before signing up. Think about which college/university you might attend and look up:

                a. Their general education requirements. USI's general education requirements is called Core 39.

                b. Their major requirements

                c. How many (if any) elective hours you’ll need

2. College grades are permanent. Poor performance in a dual credit course could affect financial aid, scholarships, or put you at risk for academic probation. Potential employers will see all grades on your college transcripts, as will any graduate or professional schools.

3. More dual credit isn’t always better. Dual credit is most useful to the student when it applies purposefully toward an educational program or degree. Extra hours that don’t transfer or apply to your program can actually harm you in the long run. Most financial aid and scholarships limit assistance based on  the number of total credit hours earned. Contact USI's Student Financial Assistance for further details.

4. Do your homework about transferability before enrolling in the course. Dual credit is both an academic and financial commitment.

5. Bring an unofficial transcript for dual credit coursework to orientation/advising. This will help your advisor build a freshman schedule based on the credit already earned. CAP students should save their acceptance letter with login information to access unofficial & official transcript details.   

6. Be sure to send an official transcript from every college/university at which you earned dual credit, so the receiving institution can evaluate transferability.

7. Pay any bills for dual credit coursework. Your transcript won’t be released if you still owe money, nor can you enroll in further coursework at that institution.

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