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Interested in Teaching a CAP Course?

The CAP courses follow the same curriculum and academic standards as those courses offered on the University of Southern Indiana campus. CAP students may be required to take a USI final exam not required of non-CAP students enrolled in the same class.

If you wish to offer a CAP course at a school where CAP is not currently offered, the school board must approve the partnership. The high school course must incorporate the same curriculum components and academic standards as the course offered on USI's campus. The high school instructor must be approved as USI adjunct faculty.

Requirements for CAP Instructors

CAP instructors are held to the same requirements as departmental adjunct faculty. The minimum requirement for any CAP instructor is a master's degree with concentration of graduate hours in the subject area (number of graduate hours depends on course discipline) and at least three years teaching in the subject area, preferably with at least one year's experience teaching an advanced course in the subject area. Individual academic departments may establish criteria beyond this minimum. Biology 133, English 101 & English 105, history, and math currently have additional requirements in place for applicants. CAP 101 explains the application process for prospective instructors. Specific details on additional requirements can be discussed by calling 812-228-5022 and talking with a member of the CAP staff.
If you are interested in applying to become a CAP instructor, contact the CAP office at 812-228-5022 or to request an application packet, which contains a USI Faculty and CAP Teacher Application. A copy of each of these applications can also be found on the right side of this webpage. Interested teachers should complete and submit both of these applications, along with a proposed course syllabus, and request official undergraduate and graduate transcripts be sent directly from the degree-awarding academic institutions to USI's CAP office, 8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN 47712.  Reimbursement for transcript fees will be provided if proof of payment is submitted to the CAP office.

After receipt of the teacher applications and official transcripts, the CAP staff send the applicant's documents to the appropriate departmental CAP Faculty Liaison, who reviews the materials. The liaison and departmental faculty approve the instructor and the course based on the instructor's qualifications and the content of the course, which should meet or exceed the rigor of the course as taught on campus. If the credentials and course content meet approval, the liaison will visit the potential CAP instructor during the proposed CAP class, prior to awarding official approval. The CAP course cannot be offered until the instructor has attended a workshop or met with the liaison for orientation and course-specific training. Both the instructor and the course syllabus are approved each year to maintain CAP criteria. A change in either the instructor or the course content mandates the approval process starts from the beginning. 

Professional Development

A USI faculty liaison is assigned to assist with curriculum issues for each CAP course, facilitate professional development workshops, and to make annual visits to observe the CAP classes. Stipends are paid to all approved CAP instructors for participation in professional development sessions. Instructors also receive small enrollment stipends based on the number of students enrolled in each course to offset the time organizing and returning the enrollment paperwork.

New CAP Instructors are required to attend a workshop to learn about the CAP enrollment process and to overview course-specific information. This workshop is usually held in the summer, prior to offering the USI course, but some situations require workshops to be held at other times during the year. Approved high school instructors must attend an annual CAP workshop at lease once every two years in order to maintain their status as a CAP instructor. 


If the high school text is college level, it may be approved as the CAP course text; in some cases students must have access to the text used on campus. The CAP office will work with instructors to resolve any challenges the textbook selection may pose.


CAP is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships and meets NACEP  standards in curriculum, faculty, students, assessment, and program evaluation. For more information, visit the NACEP website. 

The University of Southern Indiana is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.