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The Center for Education Services & Partnerships (CESP) works with schools and community partners to provide quality educational opportunities to students, teachers, and parents. Our work encompasses a wide range of opportunities for children ages 4-18, through enrichment and educational programs such as Super Summer and the nationally-accredited College Achievement Program (CAP). We also provide professional development opportunities for educators and lifelong learners.

Meet the Staff

Jaclyn Dumond
Ms. Jaclyn Dumond
Manager of School Partnerships
Contact: 812-465-1274
University Center East 2234
Dana Drury
Ms. Dana Drury
Program Coordinator
Contact: 812-464-1972
University Center East 2235
Erin Hollinger
Ms. Erin Hollinger
Senior Program Assistant
Contact: 812-228-5022
University Center East 2231


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