University of Southern Indiana

Advisory Board

Erik O. Arneberg, New Harmony, IN

David Campbell, New Harmony, IN (Vice Chair Development)

Rodney Clark, Mount Vernon, IN

Jeremy Efroymson, Indianapolis, IN

William S. Elliott, Jr., Evansville, IN

David Flanders, New Harmony, IN

Mary Griggs, Evansville, IN

John H. Grizzell, St. Louis, MO

Jeff Halwes, Birmingham, AL

Ed Jones, Evansville, IN

Neeley Koester, Haubstadt, IN

Amy W. MacDonell, Indianapolis, IN

Daniel C. Mason, Louisville, KY

Nancy Mangum McCaslin, New Harmony, IN

Barbara J. McConnell, New Harmony, IN (Vice Chair Special Events)

Charmaine A. McDowell, Evansville, IN

Lisa Muller, Evansville, IN

Tara Overton, Haubstadt, IN

Kent Parker, New Harmony, IN

Ellis Redd, Evansville, IN

Kathleen Meyer Robbins, St. Louis, MO

Robert K. Sonntag, Evansville, IN

Michael Strezewski, Evansville, IN

Karen S. Walker, New Harmony, IN (Chair)

Wendy Igleheart Walker, Indianapolis, IN

Linda Warrum, New Harmony, IN

Katie Waters, Evansville, IN

Terri Waugaman, New Harmony, IN

Brittney Westbrook, Evansville, IN

Barbara Coyle Williams, Evansville, IN

Brian P. Williams, Evansville, IN

Scott Wylie, Evansville, IN

Ted C. Ziemer, Jr., Evansville, IN


Life Directors

Donald B. Korb, Evansville, IN

David Huber* and Sarah K. Huber, Evansville, IN

David L. Rice and Betty F. Rice, York, PA

Marylu P. Sonntag, Evansville, IN

Ann Stack, Indianapolis, IN

Connie Weinzapfel, New Harmony, IN

Reid Williamson, Jr. *

Stewart Sebree (Historic Preservation Consultant)


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