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Professional presentation

Certificate in Professional Presentation Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important life skill one can develop. Each week, in the Certificate in Professional Presentation and Communication Skills, you will record a video presentation of yourself and practice the new skills you will learn. During the four sessions you will learn:

  • Communication basics
  • Personality traits and interaction styles
  • Communicating in a multi-generational environment
  • Professional presentation skills and public speaking 

At the end of the course, your new communication skills will positively impact your personal relationships, professional confidence, social interpersonal skills and everything in between.

*This course addresses the following soft skills: leadership, communication and confidence.

*The list of competencies was compiled and adapted from surveys administered by,, Forbes and Business Daily News.

Instructor: Tammy Pickering - Class Canceled
Dates and Times: 4 Thursdays, October 26 - November 16; 6-9 p.m.
Location: USI @ Innovation Pointe, 318 Main Street, downtown Evansville, Second floor
Registration Fee: $359, 10% discount for USI freshmen and sophomores
Click here for scholarship information for qualified USI juniors, seniors and graduate students
Course number: CER501

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  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “After accepting a new role at work that requires more presentations with the customer, I knew I needed to improve my business communication skills. I was a little nervous, since this was my first time in a classroom in over 25 years, but I am glad I chose this course. Mary did an outstanding job with the course material and kept the class entertaining. I especially enjoyed the interaction with all of the different age groups. I will be using the USI Outreach and Engagement programs in the future.”

    Tim V.

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “Having something to say is one thing, but knowing how to convey your message to reach your audience is another one. Overcoming my stress, as well as appropriately organizing my ideas while having to present a topic were for me big issues. How do I deal with this paralyzing feeling which prevents me from speaking or makes my heart beat so rapidly when I have to give a presentation? This training in the Certificate in Professional Presentation and Communication Skills course gave me tools and strategies to deal with my stress. I attained the required confidence to efficiently captivate my audience during presentations. As a student, it was a pragmatic experience, a plus for my class presentations, but more, knowledge for life.”

    Serge Pre
    USI graduate student
    USI international student: Libya

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “As a national trainer, I have the opportunity to work with people all over the country and encounter a wide variety of personalities.  The Certificate in Professional Communication and Presentation Skills course offers tools to help better understand generational and personality differences, including your own. The course also offered an excellent venue to practice and enhance presentation skills. I gained valuable knowledge that I believe will enhance both my interpersonal communication and presentation skills.”

    Patrick Sullivan
    USI grad ‘86
    National Trainer

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “The course helped me with the confidence to stand and prepare myself for a presentation. As a student, I learned how to express my feelings and how to present in a comfortable way. This has prepared me for future class presentations and has given me the courage to participate in them. In my opinion, every student must take this course from the beginning of their college life.”

    Mustafa Alrumaih
    USI international student

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