University of Southern Indiana


1. When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 2/1/2017

1.1 When will applicants know if they have been selected?

There is no set date yet. If you have a need to know an answer by a certain date we can work with you. Please contact Jason Salstrom at

2. What dates does the TCA run through?

The TCA starts 5/8/2017 and runs till 7/28/2017

2.1 Are there any holidays with time off?

Yes, May 29 and Friday July 3-4 are holidays.

2.2 Can I take an additional vacation?


3. Can I participate in the TCA while working?

Not during the hours of the program. Yes, you can work in the evening or on the weekends. The TCA is a 25 hour a week.

4. Office hours and location for more information.

Additional information can be obtained by going to /outreach/usi-crane-partnership/technology-commercialization-academy or by setting up an appointment with Jason Salstrom at

5. How will I be paid?

Via direct deposits.

5.1 How much will I be paid?

The program will pay $15/hr.

5.2 Will I be a USI student worker?

Yes, and subject to USI policy.

6. Selection Process.

The selection process is multiple steps:

1) Apply online.

2) Panel scoring of application.

3) Possible interviews.

7. Who is the TCA open to?

The TCA is open to students at USI of any major who want to expand their innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Due to the confidential relationship with NSWC Crane, participants are required to be US citizens.

8. Can I continue working for USI after the TCA?

You will have to apply for other positions, but will be well prepared to apply to continue similar work for regional clients and USI startups as EIA student workers.

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