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Current & Past Honorees

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2013 Recipients:  back l to r: Cindy Alfaro, Ariel Crenshaw, Julie Bordelon, Ginger Ramsden, Joyce Gulley, Monica Stinchfield,
Frankye Calloway, Sue Ann Hartig, Sabrina Stewart-Thomas

2012 Recipients:  back l to r: Kaitlyn M. Webster, Molly Hahn, Mary Alice Weigand, Cynthia Brinker, Kendra Vanzo, Erika Taylor
front r to l: Grisel Barajas, Amie R. McKibban, Genevieve B. Bootz, Sheila Huff

2011 Recipients:  (Back Row, L to R) Jessica Hopkins, Koryn Heeke, Danyelle Granger, Johnna Denning, Maura Robinson,
(Front Row R to L) Tanya Cook, Suzanne Schroeder, Janet Johnson, Daniela Vidal, Lauren West

2010 Recipients:  Joann Schwentker, LaToya Smith, Earsie Kelley, Amanda Duvall, Pamela Bushkill, Melissa Chavez, Tracy Huck,
Tom Bordelon (on behalf of Dr. Julie Edmister)

2009 Recipients:  Amy Beard, Semise Harrison-Gary, Dr. Shelly Blunt, Jeannie Kuebler, Renee Rowland, Regina Denu, Jane Kratochvil, Sadia Brimm
2008 recipients
2008 Recipients (l to r): Janet Bett, Jennifer Graham, Nancy Bizal, Samoa Hempfling, Pamela Doerter, Luzada Hayes, Mary Miller, Sister Victoria Pohl
2007 recipients
2007 Recipients:  Mattie Miller, Gina Moore, Ruth Waller, Catherine Simutis, Shalonda Newcomb, Sandy Hatfield, Dr. Betty Hart, Patty Avery
2006 recipients
2006 Recipients:  NaCole Ball, LaCresha Williams, Margaret Skoglund, Lisa Staples, Darlene Fisher, Deena Laska-Lewis, Karen Ragland, Patricia Swanson
2005 recipients
2005 Recipients: Cassie Bowman, Heidi Gregori-Gahan, Dr. Marie Bussing-Burks, Dr. Leigh Anne Howard, Lois Stevens, Dr. Nancy Kovanic, Lu Porter, Rev. Ruby Schroeder
2004 recipients
2004 Recipients:  Nazli Karaagac, Debbie Kinney, Dr. Peggy Harrel, Dr. Jane Meyer, Lucy Schenk, Lois E. Duncan, Marilee Fowler, Janice Rae Greene


JANUARY 24, 2014

2013 Recipients

L to R: Cindy Alfaro, Ariel Crenshaw, Julie Bordelon, Ginger Ramsden, Joyce Gulley, Monica Stinchfield, Sue Ann Hartig, Sabrina Stewart-Thomas
Diversity is the differences and similarities among groups of people and individuals based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, language, abilities, religion, sexual orientation, and geographic region in which they live.