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How to Enter a Requisition in the Banner System

*Before you start (this is for first time-users only), check with your accountant and Mike Murphy at extension 1167 to make sure you have been set up as a user in Banner for the FOAP(s) (FOAP is the acronym for Fund, Organization, Account and Program) you will be entering requisitions for.

Once you are set up, you will receive a user name and password via email, enabling you to access the Banner System.

**Prior to entering the requisition, you will need to determine if the order will contain one FOAP for the entire order, or if multiple FOAPS will be utilized. An example of multiple FOAPS would be an order that contains Computer Hardware using account code 76120 and software using account code 76130. Another example would be one (or more) line item where the cost is being split between multiple departments. If you will be using multiple FOAPS, you will need to UNCHECK the "Document Level Accounting box" located on the top of the form labeled Requestor/Delivery Information.  The box is on right hand side. If you do not uncheck the box here, you will not be able to go back and make a change later. You will have to start a new requisition.  If you are unsure, please contact our office at 1847.

To enter a requisition in the Banner System, please do the following:

Begin Entry:

  1. Log in to Banner using your user name and password
  2. Type FPAREQN (all caps) then hit "enter" on your keyboard
    Example A
  3. In the field space next to "Requisition" type the word NEXT (all caps) then hit the NEXT BLOCK icon located in the tool bar at the top of the form
    Example B
  4. This will take you to the Requestor /Delivery Information tab
    Example C
  5. You will notice four tabs about a third of the way down the page. The "Requestor / Delivery Information" tab is the first of four tabs that must be filled out in order to complete the requisition.

Requestor / Delivery Information Tab:

  1. At the top of  the form, the cursor should be on "Order Date" and today's date should populate
  3. Double Click on the calendar icon: select date and double click on the date to enter (or you may manually type the date using this format: 01-Jul-2007). The delivery date field should now be populated
  4. Document Level Accounting box:  At this time, IF you will be using more than one FOAP for the order (examples include dividing payments of the items ordered between multiple departments, or ordering items with different account codes such as computer hardware, which is account code 76120, and software, which is account code 76130 ) you must UNCHECK the "Document Level Accounting" box. If you are using only one FOAP, simply leave the box alone or checked.
  5. Tab to REQUESTOR. This should populate with the information of the person entering the requisition
  6. Tab to COA (Chart of Accounts). This should be the "U" chart for University Accounts
  7. Tab to ORGANIZATION (Org number of department making request) This should already be populated
  8. Tab to SHIP TO. This defaults to USI, but double check the SHIP TO you wish use
  9. Tab to ATTENTION TO and enter the name of the department or person the item(s) are being ordered for
  10. Click on the NEXT BLOCK icon
  11. This will take you to the VENDOR INFORMATION Tab (or you may physically click on the tab instead of clicking NEXT BLOCK) either way is acceptable
    Example D

Vendor Information Tab:

  1. Tab to the VENDOR field. Entering a vendor is optional. If no vendor is selected, before final completion of the requisition, the system will ask the following question: "This requisition does not have a vendor or a recommended vendor. Do you want to complete the requisition?” Select yes or no accordingly
  2. If you know the vendor number, you may type it in the vendor field. Vendor numbers always begin with a zero-no exceptions. Otherwise, you will need to perform a search:
    • To search for a vendor, click on the arrow next to the field box and select FTIIDEN
    • From the tool bar at the top of the screen select "Enter Query"
    • Tab to the first field of the Last Name column
    • Type in part of the name of the vendor you are searching for followed by the Banner Wildcard which is the %. (Example: If you are searching for Key Construction, you could enter as such….Key%. Keep in mind that Banner is case sensitive, so you may have to search using caps and lowercase letters, depending on how the name was entered.
    • Now select “Execute Query”
    • Banner will pull up all of the matches for the query entered.
    • Double click on the vendor if shown.
    • If you do not see your vendor name listed, try another query. If it appears that the vendor is not in the system, leave the vendor area blank.
  3. If the vendor is not in the system, you will need to go to Document Text and type the information there.   
  4. To enter information in Document Text:
    • Go to the tool bar and select Options. Drill down to Document Text. Select NEXT BLOCK. This will take you to an area where you can type the vendor information. You will need to type three dots first to separate the text from the description line. Include Contact Name, email address and phone number (example:   ...John Doe Company, 8686 Professional Blvd., Anytown, IN)
    • When you have everything typed in, go to the top of the page and select the thick black “X” to close the form. When asked if you wish to save, select “Yes”
  5. Contact the vendor and request that they submit to USI a w9 Form. This is a form that shows their Taxpayer ID number and certification. The form is used by both Procurement and Accounts Payable when setting up a new vendor in the system.
  6. Select NEXT BLOCK to go to the Commodity/Accounting tab, or manually select the tab (either way is acceptable)
    Example E

Write down the assigned Requisition Number (example: R0012345)

Commodity / Accounting Tab:

  1. Tab to Description. (We do not use the Commodity column) Enter name of item, brand, part number, and any applicable specs associated with the item being requisitioned. (Example: Motor, Perkins Model A-5200, 5 Lb motor for scooter, etc)
    • If more character space is needed on the line:
      • Click on Options in the tool bar
      • Drill down and select “Item Text”
      • Next Block
      • Type additional verbiage, etc.
      • Save using the save icon in the left hand corner
      • Exit that screen using the thick black “X” located at the end of the toolbar
  2. Tab to the U/M. (Unit of Measure) and enter the applicable Unit of Measure here. The system defaults to EA (each). Use the arrow down feature to see a list and select the appropriate unit
  3. Tab to Qty and enter the number of items you are ordering
  4. Tab to Unit Price. Enter dollar amount, then TAB, and the amount will populate field

    DO NOT use the Disc and Addtl fields:

    If a discount is included in the quote, this should be reflected in the unit price and notated

    Freight should be included as a separate line item or in the unit price if capitalized

    Continue to Tab through all of the fields until your cursor comes back to the description column.

If you have additional line items to enter:

  • Go back to the first line entered before proceeding to the next step using your cursor
  • Use the arrow down key on your keyboard to access the next line
  • Follow the same instructions as above for each line

Once you have entered all of your line items, you will need to enter the information concerning the back-up associated with your requisition. This is called “Document Text” and will print first on the requisition form:

    • Tab to Description
    • Click on Options in the tool bar
    • Document Text
    • Next Block
    • Type any verbiage needed. Example: reference the quote or invoice where the pricing was received, the vendor contact information, the quote date, etc.
    • Save using the save icon in the left hand corner
    • Exit that screen using the thick black “X” located at the end of the toolbar
  • When finished entering line items, click on the Next Block icon which will go to the lower portion of the Commodity/Accounting tab.  This is where you will enter your FOAP(S): 
  1. Tab over to enter the Fund, Org and Acct for each item you are requisitioning. The Program code should automatically populate
  2. Continue to tab through each field until your cursor comes back to the COA column

If you have multiple FOAPS, follow these instructions:

  • Begin with line 1 of your description.
  • Next Block
  • Enter FOAP for line 1
  • Tab through until your cursor is back on COA of the FOAP line for line 1. You will have to manually type in the dollar amount to apply to each line
  • Select ROLL BACK (SEE tool bar next to next block).This should take you back to line 1
  • Arrow down to line 2 and enter the FOAP string for line 2 following the same instructions as above
  • Once all FOAPS have been added, select NEXT BLOCK and this will take you to the Balancing / Completion tab
    Example F

Balancing / Completion Tab:

  1. If the Status column says “Balanced”, then you are ready to finalize the requisition
  • Do this by selecting “complete” at the bottom of the page

If it is not balanced, something is not entered correctly. Check to make sure that you have entered the correct amount of FOAP strings for the req you are entering. Also verify that you have entered the amounts and pricing correctly.

Contact our office at extension 1848 if you need additional assistance.

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