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Creative and Print Services Staff

Leslie Parker

Director of Creative and Print Services
Telephone: 812/464-1954
Email: Leslie Parker
Terri Bischoff
Assistant Director of
Creative and Print Services
Telephone: 812/464-1954
Email: Terri Bischoff
Michael Harbison
Art Director
Telephone: 812/465-1616
Email: Michael Harbison
Karen Altstadt
Production Coordinator
Telephone: 812/464-1954
Fax: 812/465-1096
Email: Karen Altstadt
Chris Norrick
Senior Graphic Designer
Telephone: 812/465-1286
Email: Chris Norrick
Zach Weigand
Graphic Designer
Telephone: 812/461-5338
Email: Zach Weigand
George Masterson
Lead Off-Set Printer
Tel: 812/464-1997
Email: George Masterson
William Forston
Off-Set Printer
Telephone: 812/464-1954
Email: William Forston
Theodore Willett
Printing Operations Assistant
Telephone: 812/464-1954
Email: Theodore Willett
Ronnie Smith
Copy Services Supervisor
Telephone: 812/464-1889
Email: Ronnie Smith

Greg Carlisle
Production Assistant
Telephone: 812/461-5454
Email: Greg Carlisle

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