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Established USI standards are in place to assure a continuity of message and style, both visual and written, which supports the overall identity of the University. While each unit of the University has its own personality, there is a fundamental credibility gained from being part of the “whole.” In every publication, our goal is to bring out the best and brightest features specific to the subject, while bolstering it with the strength of the institution’s identity.

How do we do this?
We work with you. We ask the right questions.We apply the standards. We gather the resources. And together, we develop a plan.

So, let’s get started
First, and of major importance, is planning ahead.

We like to work backwards. It works best for us. Because the deadline of your finished piece is important to you, this is the date from which we start. We know how long production will take, so working backwards tells us when to get started and how to schedule the “parts” of your project. 

Next, think about your project. I mean “really” think about it.

Knowing how to think about the project is crucial.

  • What is your objective?
  • What do you want the result to be?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How will your message be distributed?

There are many methods of communication today. If we ask what your objective is, your answer shouldn’t be “I want a brochure.” A brochure isn’t an objective. Your objective should be what you want that brochure to accomplish, should a brochure in fact be the best vehicle. It’s complicated, but it isn’t. We have learned to be your partner and help you think in ways that may result in exciting new possibilities and, we believe, results. And we round this out by saying “results are what this is all about.”

But, my project is pretty basic.

Sure, some projects don’t require much pre-planning and lofty thinking. But don’t hesitate to call us to talk about how best to proceed. We will help you avoid pitfalls that could be both costly and unnecessary. And even the simplest project needs a production timeline, needs to accomplish its goal, and needs to be the best it can be.

Ready to roll.

After we meet and/or discuss a timeline and the scope of the project, it’s time to get moving. Here’s how.

  • You initiate a Publishing Services request form. The details should match those discussed.
  • Attach a Word text file for the content, and indicate photo arrangements being made (if applicable).  Any hard copy attachments, photos, disks, or other materials you forward to us must be sent to Karen Altstadt via the courier (call x1122). Karen signs in items that will be returned to you at the completion of the job. Using the courier ensures a timelier routing than regular campus mail. We can’t start without all the parts.
  • You will receive a job confirmation including a job numberKeep this confirmation for your file. The job number is like a social security number for your project only.
  • We match our notes from our meetings with you and select a designer for your project.
  • The designer’s first proof(s) will be routed through certain Publishing Services staff for careful proofing and editing before a clean proof is sent to you.
  • You review the proof, being especially careful to check all text for accuracy. Consider the design style and any other aspects and mark any comments and changes directly on the proof. Fill in the designated space on the proof jacket cover sheet and return the proof to us. All proofs should be routed via the courier (x1122).
  • This process continues until you are satisfied with all aspects of the project and approve it as ready to print.
  • Your project will be printed and then delivered per your directions.
  • The following month’s chargeback report will charge the project to the fund/org recorded on the requisition.

Whether you order business cards, a banner, a poster, a curriculum sheet, an envelope, or a beautiful glossy brochure, the process works the same. That’s the really easy part. The details are captured in the processes we put in place that are specific to each and every project. Some are routine and basic; some highly detailed and complicated. Regardless, every job receives equal care and attention.

We would like to extend an open invitation to anyone interested in visiting the Creative and Print Services office. The technology we use is interesting and we’ll happily give you a tour of our operation. This will provide a better understanding of the process University printing and publishing jobs go through, whether design-only, design to print, design to copy, outsourced, or large format printing/mounting.

Questions may be directed to Leslie Parker, director; Terri Bischoff, assistant director; or Karen Altstadt, administrative associate. Questions regarding Copy Services should be directed to Ronnie Smith, copy services supervisor. 


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