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Class Descriptions

Group exercise spinning class

Athletic Conditioning:  Did you play sports at any point in your life?  This class will take you back!  Plyometrics, agility, strength and conditioning - all wrapped into one class for a fantastic workout!

Butts-N-Guts: A combination of lower body, abs and lower back exercises to tone, sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.

Cardio Kick: A challenging, intense, Tae-Bo® like cardio workout that utilizes kicks and punches to give you the ultimate kickboxing workout.

Core & More: 30 minutes of core strengthening utilizing various equipment.

Core Strength: Tone and strengthen your abs and low back with this intense 15-minute workout.

Horizontal Boot Camp:  Boot-Camp combines kick-butt cardio moves with some amazingly challenging Horizontal moves for the most intense boot-camp in town. Get all the benefits of a Horizontal class with the added bonus of bone strengthening high intensity cardio.

Indoor cycling: A class designed to increase cardiovascular fitness and leg strength.  A great break from a normal running routine.

PiYo: A combination of Pilates and Yoga to strengthen, stretch and de-stress.

Pound: The first workout inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.

Tai-Chi: The relaxed approach to physical fitness! This ancient martial art practice, sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion”, is a series of slow, gentle movements that can improve balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance; a great way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Tone IT!:  A body scultping class that will hit the ENTIRE body!  A little bit of everything in this class.

Yoga: A traditional yoga class based on an ancient form of movement that promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through various postures and breathing techniques.

ZUMBA:  Dance-themed class that will get your heart pumping and you sweating.  Burn calories like you are out partying with friends.

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