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Are you looking for a presentation or activity for your class, student organization, residents, or other group?  We can come to you! All presentations are tailored to your specific group.  If you don't see what you're looking for, that's OK. Contact  and she will work with you to develop exactly what you need.

General Presentations

Bystander Intervention Training
Bystander Intervention Training is designed to help students learn the skills to intervene in situations that could be potentially dangerous. One of the most popular and most recommended trainings!

  • Topics: sexual violence, alcohol and drug use, USI’s medical amnesty policy, and mental health
  • Lecture, discussion, video, and role-playing
  • Time: Best presented in one 90-minute session.  For classes, consider two 50-minute sessions or one 75-minute session.
  • Target audience: all students

Wellness 101: The Dimensions of Wellness
Students will learn about the 8 basic dimensions of wellness and the services USI has to help improve their wellness. Covers physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, financial, environmental, and intellectual wellness.

  • Involves lecture and discussion
  • Time: One hour
  • Target audience: all students

Life in the Stressed Lane
Students will learn what causes stress, how to identify stress in their own lives, and healthy ways to relive stress. Some relaxation exercises are included!

  • Lecture, discussion, and activities
  • Time: 20 minutes or more
  • Target audience: all students

Strapped for Cash
Money management basics for college students. Discusses basics such as budgeting, understanding credit, student loans, cutting corners, and planning for the (immediate) future.

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Time: 30 minutes or more
  • Target audience: all students

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Beating the Freshman 15: Healthy Eating & Exercise
This presentation will help students identify and develop healthy patterns of eating and exercise that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

  • Lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, and physical movement
  • Time: One hour or more
  • Target audience: all students. 

Budget Busters: Eating Healthy on a Budget
How can you make healthy choices while still sticking to a college student’s budget?  This presentation is designed to students with just that issue.  Learn the healthiest options while spending the least! One of our most popular topics!

  • Lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities
  • Time: 30 minutes or more
  • Target audience: All students, except those living in the Residence Halls.  Is particularly useful for students nearing graduation.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol 101: What every student needs to know
The basics of alcohol, its effects on the body, identifying medical emergencies, and safety tips when drinking.

  • Lecture, hands-on activities, and discussion
  • Time: one hour
  • Target audience: all students, but especially first-year students

Alcohol and Drugs: Who’s Really Drinking?
This presentation is based in social norms theory. Students will learn the true patterns of alcohol use among their peers.

  • Involves lecture and discussion
  • Time: 30 minutes or more
  • Target audience: all students. Students should have had Alcohol 101 or some exposure to the basics of alcohol prior to attending.

Sex and Relationships

Let’s Talk About Sex
Presentation on the basics of sex. This presentation should be tailored to the needs of your group. Some topics that could be included: healthy sexuality, consent, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, etc.

  • Games, lecture, discussion, and Q&A
  • Time: 45 minutes or more, depending on topic(s) and audience
  • Target audience: all students

Where is the Love?
Healthy Relationships and Communication
This is designed to help students identify the signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, including friendships and romantic partnerships. They will learn some healthy ways to communicate and some resources if assistance is needed.

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Time: One hour or less
  • Target audience: all students

Self Defense

Self Defense 101
Designed to introduce the most important content in self-defense.  This class is appropriate for all women and particularly useful for student groups.

  • Lecture and discussion.  Limited physical defense skills are taught.
  • Time: One session of one to two hours
  • Target audience: women. Limited to USI students, faculty, and staff.

Using the Rape Aggression Defense system materials, this class provides more in-depth physical defense training.

  • Lecture, discussion, and lots of physical defense skills.  Includes optional simulation activity.
  • Time: minimum of 8 hours. RAD is scheduled, but can be offered at your convenience if you have a group.
  • Target audience: women. You do not need any prior experience to participate. Limited to USI students, faculty, and staff.

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