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Winter 2002 photo album

Our thanks to Susan Neville and David Wojahn for making the second annual Winter Retreat an enriching experience. 

Thanks to Linda Cleek for capturing a few moments during the retreat.

McGarrah, Wojahn, Graham
Now what could Jim McGarrah, David Wojahn, and Matthew Graham be smiling about?

David Wojahn
Wojahn takes a break after one of the workshops.

Participants in the Barn Abbey
Participants spending some free time together near the fireplace at the Barn Abbey.

Tom and Mary Jane
Thanks to Tom and Mary Jane for a successful weekend! Nice shirt, Tom. 

Barn Abbey dining room
Participants gather in the Barn Abbey dining room for a communal meal.

Staircase in the Atheneum
Designed by Richard Meier, the Atheneum in Historic New Harmony offers a lovely space for readings.

Neville signing a book
Susan Neville signs a book following her spectacular reading at the Atheneum.

The reception following a reading
Participants and guests at the reading mingle at the reception.

Following each reading, a reception is held in the lobby of the Atheneum.