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What RopeWalk is Like

A day at RopeWalk begins with breakfast in the Barn Abbey Common Room. Hot foods, fresh fruit, and plenty of coffee are served buffet style. If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, you will attend your workshop(s) during the day; see the schedule or the registration form for times. On Tuesday and Thursday, craft lectures are held at the Barn Abbey. 

Lunch is served daily at the Barn Abbey. Public readings by RopeWalk faculty are held in the evenings except Thursday, which is left free for student-organized events. Each reading is followed by a reception where light refreshments are served. Your workshop leader will work with you to schedule your individual conference (approximately 30 minutes) during the week. You will have time to write, to critique the work of others in your workshop, and to communicate with other writers in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas and information.

Weather in New Harmony in June is generally warm to hot, with thunderstorms likely at some point during the week. Dress at RopeWalk is casual, and comfortable shoes or sandals are a must. The Inn, the Guest House, the Barn Abbey, and facilities used for readings and receptions are air-conditioned.

Who should attend RopeWalk

RopeWalk is for serious writers, not only for those who have studied creative writing in formal settings.  Many of our attendees are graduate students or teachers, many others work in fields that involve technical or business writing and are looking for a more creative outlet.  Some have been working on a book for decades and just haven't gotten around to showing it to anyone, others have published numerous poems, stories, or essays.  They all have in common a love for the written word and a desire to refine their craft in the company of other writers.

RopeWalk is intended for adults, meaning, it is most appropriate for those in their early 20's and older.  The public is welcome at the evening readings, and at the craft lectures.  If you are nearby and wondering if you would enjoy RopeWalk, why not start by attending those free events and getting a sense of what RopeWalk is like.

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