University of Southern Indiana

Faculty Research

Dr. Richard Bennett (Ph.D. University of Cincinnati)
Relationship between Chemical Weapons & Cancer

Dr. Alex Champagne (Ph.D. Ohio State University)
Evolutionary Physiology of Water Loss & Skin Lipids in Birds

Dr. Kimberly Delaney (Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis)
RNA Binding Proteins and DNA Genome Organization

Dr. Cindy DeLoney-Marino (Ph.D. University of California - Riverside)
Symbiosis between Bioluminescent Bacterium & Bobtail Squid

Dr. Edith Hardcastle (Ph.D. University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff)
Conservation of Rare Plants & Plant Communities

Dr. Kyle Mara (Ph.D. University of South Florida)
Functional Morphology of Feeding & Locomotion

Dr. Henri Maurice (Ph.D. Rutgers University)
Plant Growth & Development and Prospecting for Biomedicines

Dr. Eric McCloud (Ph.D. University of Illinois - Urbana)
Insect Behavior & Functional Morphology, Chemical Ecology, and Conservation Biology of Forests

Dr. Rebecca Sparks-Thissen (Ph.D. Princeton University)
Viral Replication

Dr. Rex Strange (Ph.D. University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa)
Molecular & Evolutionary Genetics of Fishes

Dr. Brent Summers (Ph.D. University of Louisville)
Marine and Freshwater invertebrate ecology, Marine Protected Area Conservation Biology

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