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Pre-pharmacy course work at USI is followed by four years of professional pharmacy courses leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) degree. The University of Southern Indiana does not currently have a professional pharmacy program and therefore USI does not grant a degree in pharmacy. 

As students near completion of pre-pharmacy courses, they must complete their application to professional pharmacy program(s). Most all pharmacy schools utilize the online PharmCAS system for management of applications. Application is competitive with GPA requirements. Most programs also require that students complete the Pharmacy College Admission Test or PCAT exam prior to application.

You may choose to complete the pre-pharmacy requirements at USI without attempting to complete a degree. Students typically need two to three years to complete the requirements. Or, you may wish to seek a degree (generally in biologychemistry, or biochemistry) while completing the pre-requisites.

Pre-pharmacy Course Requirements

Acceptance to pharmacy school requires extensive preparation in biology, chemistry, and math as outlined in the linked suggested program of study. There are currently over 90 Pharmacy programs in the US. Specific pre-requisites vary slightly for each Pharmacy School, and schools may change their requirements. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to research programs that they may wish to apply to. The pre-pharmacy advisor will work with each student to prepare a program of study specific to individual needs.

Pre-pharmacy Advising Session

Each semester, the pre-pharmacy student should :

1.  Sign-up for an advising appointment. The appointment notebook is located on the administrative assistant's counter in SC 1255. Fall appointments generally begin in mid October while spring appointments begin in late March. If for some reason you cannot attend your scheduled appointment, be sure to either call ahead (461-5373) or e-mail

2.  Review the pre-pharmacy suggested program of study and determine which courses are next in your plan of study. Make sure that you have completed all course pre-requisites (for example, CHEM 261 requires successful completion of MATH 111). You may also wish to visit the websites of pharmacy programs you hope to apply to for any updates on entrance requirements.

3.  Review the Course Schedule for the upcoming semester online. Pay careful attention to time overlaps. For each course and its specific section that you plan to enroll in, write down the CRN number. You may also wish to note alternate days and times in case the section fills prior to your enrollment. 

4.  Attend your advising session and bring your proposed schedule. Make sure any/all holds are cleared at this time. There is an advising hold for all students majoring in the sciences, and this hold will ONLY be removed once the advising session has been completed.

5.  Enroll in your classes. This is done completely online by logging in to myUSI, clicking on the Self Service icon, and going to the student services menu and looking for the Registration link. Check course seat availability (Look up classes) and then enroll using the CRN numbers.  Your best chance of getting the schedule you have mapped out is to enroll at the first available time and day during Priority Registration. Registration time is assigned based upon year classification (freshmen - senior) and degree-seeking vs non-degree seeking.

6.  Changes in schedule can also be completed by logging into myUSI and using the Drop/Add link. It is strongly recommended that students speak to the advisor prior to making any change in schedule.

*Students should keep all advising documents in a well organized folder/binder and bring this with them to all advising appointments.

Pharmacy Schools


Purdue University

Butler University

USI students have been placed in programs across the country. Most programs typically accept a certain percentage of out-of-state students. 

Alphabetical listing of PharmD programs

Pharmacy College Admission Test - PCAT

Most, not all, Pharmacy Schools require students to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test - PCAT. The candidate information booklet will provide necessary information. Test dates, fees, practice tests, etc. are also available online. 


Most pharmacy programs require that students utilize the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) to complete their application to pharmacy school.  This site is sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and provides a centralized application service for applicants applying to colleges and schools of pharmacy. Application deadlines vary by school, you are always advised to APPLY EARLY.


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